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This week, I’m posting pictures of Jack and Casey’s room for Show Us Where You Live Friday.  I’ve just found some really cute decorating blogs and now I feel like I should spruce up their rooms and be a little more decorative.  I especially felt like I needed to do more after I saw this room.     

Jack’s Room…
Jack has a little bit of a Cars theme going on…toddler bed, sheets, toy box, and mural, with a little baseball and Elmo thrown in.  (Elmo looks a little dazed today.)  The sticker just above his bed used to be on the headboard but one day when he didn’t want to nap, he decided the sticker needed to be moved.  Now he leaves it alone, but Casey likes to climb up there and try to peel it off.  He used to have another Cars poster but it kept blowing down every time the windows were open and I got tired of putting it back up.  His blanket was made by his great-mom-mom.  Now that he’s almost 3, I’m finally pulling out all the nice blankets people made for him when he was born.
This is the other side of the room.  Pretty simple.  I have no idea what to put on the wall or where to put it so it has just remained blank.  Someday, he’ll get a bigger bed (maybe bunk beds because I always wanted them when I was a kid) and we’ll have to move the bookshelf over here.  The chair is from Nags Head Hammock.  Casey has the rocker in her room and so we brought this one inside for his room.  We don’t sit much in it anymore though since we read stories on the floor.
Casey’s Room…
I have a dark pink, light green and light pink theme with some dark brown thrown in too.  I love her crib and the furniture that goes with it.  I have a vinyl flower application with her name that I’m going to put on the wall some day (between the windows) and I just found some really cute pictures that I want to buy, frame and put behind her dresser.  The rocker was one of the best purchases we made before Jack was born.  It was a great place to feed and read to both Jack and Casey.  I spent many hours holding both of them in it and willing them to go to sleep.  Now I can get Casey to sit in it for about 5 minutes while I read a book to her and that’s about it.  
Casey’s dresser and changing table.  The hutch has another shelf that I can put in after she’s out of diapers…which might be before Jack is at this rate.
And finally, my photographer’s helper…
Thanks for looking!

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