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Now that I’ve recovered my dog and double check the front door locks every night, let’s move on to something else…

Kelly at Kelly’s Korner started this a couple of weeks ago.  If you click on the house, it will take you to her site which will show you her guest room and have links to over a hundred other blogs who are posting their home “tours.”  She’s already done kitchens and living rooms and has moved on to guest rooms this week.  
I didn’t realize I had so much to say about my guest room until I started taking pictures.  For some reason, I feel like I need to justify everything in there and why it is where it is.
Our guest room is the FROG (finished room above the garage) and it is the guest room along with the playroom.  It is pretty neutral and doesn’t really have a theme.  There are some sports pictures on the walls that Pat really likes.  He really wanted them up somewhere in the house but he spends very little time in the room.  I’m wondering if I should just embrace that theme and do a little more with it, or try to add some more feminine touches.   
The dramatic entrance – 
These are the “back” stairs from the kitchen and they lead directly up to the guest room…all 19 steps.

This is the view from the hallway that also leads to the guest room.  Although it is not very decorated, I love the spaciousness of this room.  I like that the little couch and coffee table fit in there perfectly and that there is plenty of space around the bed.  Tugger usually sleeps in here after she gets kicked out of our bed.  She also likes it because she likes to look out the windows at everything going on in the street.  I would like to always have nice linens on the bed and pretty pillows, but they would just get covered in dog hair.  As it is, I try to put a cover over everything and she usually ends up pushing it off.  Apparently the micro-suede duvet cover is softer for her.  And at the head of the bed, you will also find the dog’s body pillow.  What can I say – she likes pillows and I don’t really care if she has that one.  At the foot of the bed is our old tv stand.  We moved it upstairs after Christmas for Jack’s train set.  Sometimes he uses it and sometimes the tracks are spread all over the floor.  

This is the opposite side of the room from the bed.  There is even room in the drawers for guests’ clothes.  The chest used to be in front of the bed until the trains arrived.  Tugger hangs out in the crate when we are out of the house.

Jack’s train piggy bank – the love seat – the pillows that are supposed to be on the bed  

These windows used to have Roman shades (like behind the love seat) but they were falling apart and didn’t look nice in the window anymore.  Pat bought these faux wood blinds and installed them.  He has a thing for wooden blinds.  I don’t really think men should care about any type of window decor.
There are closets on each side of the bed.  One has all my crafty stuff in it and the other has toys.  
And that concludes the tour of the guest room.  Somehow there was still way too much about the dog in it.

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