I started writing a post about a day in the life of Jack but it was really tiring me out to try to relive it and write it all down. Instead, I’m just going to write a few of the funny things he’s said over the last couple days.

On Monday, we were playing with a new toy that his cousin Joey brought over. There were some cobwebs in it because it had been in the garage, so I asked him if we should “clean it up a little bit.” He responded, “No, we should clean it all up.”
Today we went to the pharmacy to pick up a refill and he said, “We need to take a number and have a seat Mommy.” Luckily we didn’t need to because it was just a refill but he took a seat anyway, for the 2 minutes that we were there.
He really likes to try the things we are growing in our little container garden. So far he’s had a pepper and some strawberries. He asked if he could try some basil the other day and decided that he likes it. During breakfast yesterday, he jumped out of his seat, told me he needed some basil and then went outside to get himself a piece. He also brought me a piece. I ended up leaving mine near the computer. When Pat was sitting at the computer later, Jack told him he could have it. Pat asked him if it was a leaf – “No Daddy, it’s not a leaf, it’s basil. You can eat it.” I just stood in the kitchen and laughed.
Casey adds a few new words to her repertoire every day. And they all sound so cute. She’s caught on to the magic word a lot better than Jack has. If I ask Jack what the magic word is, before he can even get it out of his mouth, Casey is smiling and saying “pease, pease.” Then Jack usually informs us that Casey is a big girl now.

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