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I missed the Master Bedroom portion of Show Us Where You Live Friday at Kelly’s Korner Blog but I wanted to post some pictures of my bedroom now that I’ve improved it a bit. Sorry I don’t have any before pictures, but it was just boring.
I got the duvet cover for my birthday and have been trying to decorate the bedroom with it as inspiration. The fact that it has about every color in the rainbow in it is pretty helpful. (I do have 2 shams but we were having guests and I had to give up a pillow for a few nights.) I made the headboard to match the duvet cover…my first big crafty home improvement project. We had a headboard and footboard that came with our furniture set but I got bruises from running into the footboard on almost a weekly basis. We decided to get rid of them ie put them in Pat’s closet until I do something with them. I wanted an upholstered headboard and found a website to tell me how to make my own. Overall, it was probably about $75…a good $450 cheaper than the one I had my eye on in Pottery Barn.

About a month ago, we moved a little bit of furniture around and this TV stand ended up in our room. It obviously needed a much bigger TV than the one we already had and Pat just happened to see some ads on Craig’s List for flatscreen TVs. This one fit perfectly. The picture of the flower in the corner is from my sister for my birthday. It’s the first thing I’ve hung on the wall in this room and I think it goes perfectly there.

I still need to find a few items for my dresser, a few more things for the walls and maybe some taller lamps. Then there’s a whole bathroom with a lot of empty wall space that is just waiting for me to get my plan together.

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