Halloween 2010

We had a great Halloween weekend, but super busy!  It started off on Friday morning with Jack’s class Halloween party.  Casey and I attended and the kids all enjoyed ghost shaped sandwiches, fruit, spider cupcakes, crafts, a story and a fun game.  It was cute seeing everyone in costume although I thought it was funnier watching the little kids in costumes tumble out of their cars in the drop off line.  We spotted another dragon right in front of us.

Oh yes, Jack was a dragon and Casey was a princess.  Since I bought Casey her costume, she’s been asking to wear it but I had to hold off because I knew it wasn’t quite durable enough to take on and off many times for dress up.  So on Friday morning, she was so excited to wear it and Jack was excited to be a dragon and it just started my day off right!  Casey was also introduced to tights to keep her little legs warm.  She’s worn them before but I know she doesn’t remember.

On Friday afternoon, we had a birthday party to go to at Color Me Mine, a pottery painting studio.  Jack had gotten a little warm in his dragon costume at his school party, so he opted not to wear his.  However, Casey wasn’t missing out on another chance to wear hers.  Jack and the princess got to paint little pottery pumpkins.  I was a little concerned when Jack didn’t pick out any orange to put in his paint tray, but eventually Casey got some and the poor little pumpkin got a little bit of it’s real color.  Jack was pretty disappointed that he couldn’t take his pumpkin home.  Wasn’t too concerned about the whole baking and glazing process the pottery has to go through.  He wanted his craft!

On Saturday morning we headed to the zoo for Zoo Boo.  Different businesses hand out candy as the kids trick or treat around the zoo.  Sounds very cute and the line of cars to get there indicates that a lot of people thought it was great.  But, the cynical me notes that we paid money to trick or treat at the zoo for not very good candy and didn’t even see any animals.  The kids had a good time though and don’t really have a preference for “good” candy yet – it’s all good to them.

There was a community picnic on Saturday afternoon where the kids bounced off a lot of their candy energy in the bounce house and had a great time.  I volunteered to help clean up after which meant that I came home with a car full of leftovers.  That was probably my main clean up function – try to take some of these leftovers so they don’t go to waste.

And Saturday continued…we got a babysitter and went out to Homearama and dinner.  Homearama was a builder showcase of 10 new homes in an up and coming area.  We love to walk through the homes and get ideas as they are all beautifully furnished and highly decorated.  I actually like to pretend I’m moving into these homes and try to figure out where our furniture is going to go.  That might be taking it a little further than most people.

And then Sunday…dinner at a friend’s house before trick or treating.  We were treated to a great Halloween feast and the best dessert I’ve had in a long time – Pumpkin Whoopie Pies.  So yummy.  Jack and Casey were excited to get to the trick or treating though.  Pat took them through our neighborhood and I stayed home to hand out candy.  They came back dragging their bags because they were so heavy from the candy!  They got home and we had a few more trick or treaters.  Jack said, “I want some more customers to come so I can give them this candy.”  He gave out our last two pieces of candy to some customers and we called it a night!  And a weekend!

 And now I’m going to wield the power of the candy controller for the next month.  Won’t eat your dinner?  No candy.  Won’t stop fighting?  No candy.  In fact, I just told Jack that if he didn’t go to bed he wouldn’t get any candy tomorrow.  And it worked.


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