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Time to jump back into the blogging saddle!  I had a weird dream this morning about another blogger…someone I’ve never met and she doesn’t even know I exist.  But we were supposedly working together to sell some things and I ended up slapping her in the face two times because I was so mad at her.  She eventually slapped me in the face and then we were even and figured out how to sell some things.  I had to explain to her that I am not a salesperson but I would be really good at the organizing part of our business.  Anyway, I took this weird dream to mean that I should blog more often again.

Pat left on Saturday for his new job in Tennessee.  He drove most of the night and then got up early to look at some houses that we are interested in renting.  A few weeks ago, there were several nice houses on the rental market and then a lot of schools around the country had spring break.  Since I’m planning to go house hunting during our upcoming spring break it makes sense that other people were doing the same during theirs and the houses found renters or vice versa.  We started to feel like we might miss out on some great houses if we didn’t act soon.  So Pat started looking at houses before he’d barely even realized he was in Tennessee.

I have a feeling we are going to rent a place soon and it will be sight unseen for me.  I asked Pat as many questions as I could about the places but it’s not the same as seeing it with my own eyes.  All the elementary schools in the area are pretty good so that’s not a worry.  Basically I want a nice driveway and place for the kids to play outside, a fenced in backyard for Tugger and a good kitchen.  I’m sure Pat will do a good job of finding the best place for us…but it’s hard to give up control, especially of the place I will spend all my time and will turn into a home for us.

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