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Organizing Summer – The Summer Bucket List

A couple of years ago (I think we were on a long drive in the middle of a move) we came up with a summer bucket list – a list of everything we wanted to do that summer.  And as much as I am not a huge fan of the term “bucket list”, it has really been a great tool for us every summer.  We figure out all the things we want to do for summer fun and we pull out the calendar.  Not everything gets scheduled for a certain day but it’s important to get a good look at the big picture summer plan.  The calendar already has our summer camps and scheduled trips on it, so when I look at the other things we want to do, I can get a general idea of what days are free and might be a good time for that event.  I love some carefree summer days with nothing planned but I also need to mix that up with some planned events – a reason to take a shower you might say 🙂

As an example, both kids wanted to go to Kennedy Space Center this summer which is a whole day event with a couple hours of driving on each end of the trip.  For the next two weeks, we have summer camps and then we’ll be getting ready for our summer drive to up the east coast (an almost three week trip).  Then another trip at the beginning of August!  I decided I had better get this trip checked off our list on this first week of summer vacation.  We had our few days of enjoying the freedom of summer, sleeping in, lounging around the house, watching movies, playing with water balloons and getting into the swing of the summer “chore” schedule.  But I knew that after a few days, we would be ready to head out on an adventure so I scheduled the trip for Thursday.  And now I can cross it off the bucket list and figure out the next item we want to do.

The list can be as simple as a ripped sheet of notebook paper, like our first one or a list in a planner.  I am just learning how to make some fun graphics in iPiccy – free photo editing software.  In about 15 minutes, I made a fun printable of our summer bucket list so we would have an easy visual of everything we want to do and be able to check it off as we go.  I used a scenic picture I took one year on summer vacation and added the list in fun fonts.  Then I printed it out, expecting a pretty little sign to pop out of the printer but I am running out of some of my color ink…so it’s orange 🙁  But it still looks pretty here on the blog.

2015 Summer Bucket List


I definitely enjoy the carefree days of summer and how empty some of my calendar days are, but to cram all the fun we want to have into our summer…sometimes we have to do a little planning and my summer bucket list has been a great tool!



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