Cottage Bedroom

The kids and I love staying in my parents’ cottage on the St. Croix River when we visit.  It’s about 8 years old and is a great mix of new and old.  A lot of the furniture from the old cottage was saved to put in the new one.  My mom does a great job with beach cottage decorating, although I’d like to take a little credit in helping as I look around and see the various gifts that I’ve given over the years.  But she finds the right spot for everything and pulls it all together.

The cottage has three bedrooms, 1 downstairs and 2 upstairs.  The kids and I all stay in what I call the upstairs “bunk room” even though it has no bunk beds.  The space is nice and long, with room for a bed trifecta – a queen, a full and a twin.  The walls are a perfect beachy turquoise.  There are windows on the west, east and north walls so the room is flooded with natural light, even with blinds pulled at 5:30 in the morning when you might be wanting to sleep.



A lot of the furniture pieces saved from the old cottage are vintage, having been been handed down through family and other pieces are items my parents have collected from various spots in Maine.  The dressers in this room were in the original cottage that stood here from the 20s until about 10 years ago.  This nightstand is beautifully distressed and the perfect place for me to pile all the books I think I’m going to read when I’m here.


Speaking of books…I love the little bookshelves tucked into this room.  A bookshelf full of books is one full of hours of possibility and entertainment.  The random selection of books – given by friends, left by guests, and the  pile of magazines – cooking and cottage living and home and garden, speak cottage to me.  I remember spending hours looking through old Good Housekeeping magazines in our lake camp when I was younger.  And I remember looking to see what new books might have been left at the old cottage every summer.  (Someone left Jurassic Park one year and I became a big fan of Michael Crichton after that.)  Also, the little doors to storage spaces…so cute!




This view looks towards the river, standing just in front of the twin bed and the next view is looking the opposite direction.  The twin is barely visible in the left side of the picture.



When we started staying here in the summers, Jack and I stayed in this room and Casey was in the downstairs bedroom.  Now we all sleep in here, each with our own beds.  I look forward to coming to bed each night and seeing what contorted positions the kids are in.  Then I grab a magazine or a book in the pile and read until I fall asleep.

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