Farmer’s Wife Quilt-A-Long (Week 3)

I joined a quilt-a-long called for a quilt built out of sampler blocks in a book called The Farmer’s Wife 1930s.  In the book, there are 99 different blocks and there is a letter originally published in The Farmer’s Wife magazine associated with each block.  The letters are inspiring and so interesting to read.  The quilt-a-long (QAL) is being sponsored by blogger/quilter Angie at Gnome Angel.  There is a huge Facebook group associated with this quilt-a-long and it is fun to see all the different blocks put together every week.  Each week we work on two new blocks and there are two tutorials for each block.  If you’re interested in more info about the QAL, here is a good place to check it out.

So far, we have completed seven blocks and I have already learned new techniques as well as new tips to increase the accuracy of my blocks.  I joined two other online quilt-a-longs in the past but I wasn’t able to keep up with either of them.  I’m feeling hopeful on this one!  My plan is to have a rainbow quilt when I am finished.  (Which won’t be for about a year, as this is a year long QAL.)  For each of the blocks, I am mainly using one color and I’m planning to arrange them in ROYGBIV order when I’m finished.  I have a general idea of which blocks will be each color based on a diagram from the book.  I bought a fat quarter bundle of Tula Pink’s True Colors as a starting point and the rest will mostly be from my stash.  It’s fun to play with some of my older scraps and be able to incorporate them into this quilt.

This week, we worked on Belle and Coral.  (Each of the blocks has a woman’s name.)

Belle –

This is the first block that includes Y-seams.  Basically there were corners where you couldn’t sew straight across.  While this was my first time sewing a Y-seam, I didn’t have too much trouble with them.  They’re not perfect but they are good enough for me.  I fussy cut the patterned fabric and got the stars lined up pretty well although in retrospect maybe the patterned fabric should have been i the squares instead of the envelope shaped pieces.


Coral –

Finally got into some pinks with this block although I didn’t realize how much my pile of pinks was depleted.  I made Casey an Easter dress out of the fabric in the star so it was fun to add that to the quilt.  I used Marti Michell templates for this block and they seem to make things much more precise for me.  As I was putting this together I wasn’t confident that it was going to be square or 6 1/2 inches and I was very happy when it turned out to be both.


To see all of my blocks so far, check out my Farmer’s Wife page.



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