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How to Clean a Window AND Blog About It

So, this post is a little tongue in cheek.  As I was running around trying to clean my kitchen window and make it a bloggable event, I had to laugh at myself and decided to document the process.

I recently ordered my first Norwex cloths – an Envirocloth and Window Cloth – and I wanted to test them on some glass that was pretty dirty.  Enter my kitchen window.  Confession:  I have never cleaned the outside of one of my kitchen windows since we moved in…which was way over a year ago.

Almost everything in this house needed to be cleaned when we moved in…cabinets, window sills, plantation shutters, huge glass doors, windows, etc.  I cleaned for days and days so I could then unpack for days and days.  When it came time to clean the window over the sink and I had to remove a screen to do it, I was out of cleaning power.  I did the inside and called it good.

All that to say: this window was definitely dirty.  This season’s pollen was building up on the caked on grime.  Someone (suspect: my Dad) threw a dirty tennis ball for the dog one day and it hit the window and left a nice round dirt mark.

So, in true If You Give a Mouse a Cookie fashion, the story goes like this…

If you want to clean a window AND blog about it, you’re going to need to take a before picture of the dirty window.  The sun will be shining and highlighting the dirt and you’ll think you’re getting a great picture of how dirty it is but the camera will tell you otherwise.


So you’ll wait until the sun goes behind some clouds.  When you finally take a picture, you’ll realize you forgot to put the lid down on the recycling bin.


When you take the next picture, you’ll realize you shouldn’t have all those things sitting around the sink, cluttering up the picture of your dirty window.


You’ll clean them up and leave the paper towels for decoration.


Then you’ll need to pop the screen out – which is one of those jobs that seems like it’s going to be harder than it actually is.  It will take you 5 seconds of good hard work.

You’ll go outside and realize that the true before picture should be from the outside.  You’ll go to take the best picture of a dirty window ever and realize you can see the big cardboard box you picked up at Costco and just left on the kitchen counter and a big yellow pool toy in the reflection.


You’ll finally clean the window and move from inside to outside to inside to outside many many times and the dog will sit in front of the door each time so you have to make her move each time.

Finally, your windows will be clean and you will take some after pictures.  They will confirm that your window was indeed disgusting.


When you have enjoyed your windows for a few hours, it will rain and leave raindrop trails all over your clean, shiny windows.  You’ll have a dirty window again but you probably won’t write a blog about it –  you’ll just clean it…some day.  The End.


So really, if I didn’t let my windows get so dirty, I wouldn’t have such a great before and after picture to show.  In seriousness, I’m totally impressed with how easy it was to clean and how great the windows look just using water and the Norwex microfiber cloths.  Pretty impressive!  I might even clean those windows more often now.



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