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Jack’s Room – A Boy’s Sporty Bedroom

Today I’m sharing my son Jack’s bedroom.  He is almost 10 now and loves sports, Star Wars and time on his iPad.  He’s collected different sports items over the years and his bedroom has evolved into this mishmash of sports teams, Star Wars and a few leftovers from the toddler days (Hi Elmo!).

Most of his furniture has moved with us a few times with the exception of the new bookshelf.  The old black bookshelf had seen much better days and was seriously leaning to the left.  (I was ready to toss it out the door, but somehow it turned into the perfect shelf for Star Wars Legos.  They don’t weigh it down quite as much!)  This new shelf adds a touch of industrial to the room and breaks up a little of the navy blue that dominates the other side of the room.  I found it at World Market.  Originally it was a little out of the budget but I asked World Market to let me know when it came on sale and a few weeks later I got a great email that the price was down to $100!

The rocker that I used to nurse both my babies is kind of sentimental to me and it has moved with us over the last 10 years.  We always find a place for it and here in Tampa, it lives in Jack’s room.  Both of the kids have slept on it at times…they still love the novelty of not sleeping in an actual bed.


As we move around the room, we get to Jack’s bed and “nightstand.”  It’s a soft-sided bin leftover from the days when Lightning McQueen and Mater were Jack’s favorite characters.  I believe it came with his Cars toddler bed.  When I shot these photos, only the bottom half of the bunk beds were in this room.  I had moved the twin-sized top to Casey’s room to see if she might sleep better in a cozier environment.  That’s why there is a huge expanse of wall with no pictures or decorations.  The bunks are reunited now and cover up most of that empty space.



And finally, we get to the dresser.  I was looking for a blue dresser to match the bunk beds and all that was available was the Pottery Barn dresser which was more than I wanted to spend.  I found this dresser at Salvation Army and we put some paint on it to match the bed.  It’s a great, solid dresser but next time we move, it needs a new coat of paint and a clear coat of something to protect it better.  The paint is wearing thin in a few spots.  The top of the dresser is where Jack keeps a lot of things that are special to him – his First Communion box, a box full of his Dad’s special military coins, and a lot of random other things.  I read in a blog once that boys need a drawer or bin to keep all their special treasures…it was good to read that it wasn’t just my boy who had all these treasures!  We try to keep Jack’s contained in the five drawer stack on top of the dresser, but they usually spread out.  The Star Wars poster was an awesome birthday gift one year and it has most of the characters and ships from the first six movies.  It’s kind of neat to see them all together.


There is a great big closet in this room that we don’t utilize super well but is fairly neat.  It’s nothing special so I didn’t grab any pictures of it.  This is a pretty good size room and seems to be where both kids spend a lot of time. The basketball hoop on the back of the door gets a lot of use.  I took these pictures several months ago and a huge bean bag chair has since moved in, along with the top to the bunk bed, but it remains mostly the same!

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