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Organized Kitchen – Coffee Station

Over the next few weeks, I want to share some of my organization ideas for the kitchen.  It’s not the perfect kitchen…appliances are all different colors, the walls are a bad grayish-white, and the cabinets and counters are not my favorite.  But it has some great aspects and I’m choosing to focus on them.  As a renter, I can’t really change much in the kitchen and sometimes that’s okay.  Sometimes the challenge of working in non-ideal conditions gets me even more creative.

One of the things I like about this kitchen is that it has a lot of drawers.  There are enough drawers that I can devote one to coffee and tea supplies and only the Keurig and a few mugs live on the counter.

coffee station


This frees up space for all the other things that insist on living on the counter.   I love the idea of open, cleared off counters, but kitchen life runs more smoothly for me when I can easily store some items on the counter and access them quickly.  I’m constantly working on the balance between how useful it is to have something on the counter versus how cluttered it can get.

organized coffee and tea drawer

Storage containers in the drawer are a collection of Target Dollar Spot items, Dollar Store items and… iPhone boxes.  The boxes the iPhones come in are so nice that I can never throw them away and love when I can find another use for them!

I have a couple different sweetener options, mostly for our guests.  The sugar container, from World Market, can also be used when you have a craving for cinnamon toast…shake out some sugar and then sprinkle a little cinnamon.  The back of the drawer has a few extra spices and my kitchen scale.

organized coffee station and drawer

In the cabinet just above the coffee maker, I keep the travel mugs and the rest of the coffee mugs that are not as pretty to keep out on the counter but have a little sentimental value.

coffee station and mugs in the cupboard

Having everything near the coffeemaker and organized makes mornings go smoothly for the hot beverage drinkers in our house.  Using a few up cycled boxes and some inexpensive baskets keeps items contained and easy to access.

I’m working on updating my recipe collection and menu planning process for the next post in Kitchen Organization.

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