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Summer 2016 – Cooperstown, NY

It’s been so long since I’ve written that I temporarily forgot my login to WordPress!  When school got out in early May, I had no idea how little I would end up accomplishing.  This summer has been very busy with camps, baseball, softball, traveling and one more traveling adventure to come.  And then school starts!!!  There have been very few days when we have had a long summer day stretching out before us with nothing to do, so when those days have come along, I have embraced them.  Which means I have very little sewing or decorating or organizing to share on the blog but I do have some summer adventures.

Three weeks ago, we set out on our summer road trip.  We drove to Ocean City, Maryland for a week at the beach.  We also decided that this would be a good summer to go to Cooperstown, NY and visit the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Both of the kids got into baseball and softball and were on all-star teams, they started collecting baseball cards, they’ve been watching baseball on TV…the great American pastime has been alive and well at our house this year.  We don’t know what the next two summers might be like with Pat’s schedule so this was the year.

We arrived in Cooperstown mid-afternoon and enjoyed walking around the main street.  I have been to Cooperstown before (about 13 years ago) but those memories seem to have disappeared and it was all new to me.

We parked beside this crookedest of doors…

Crooked Door in Cooperstown NY

In one store, we waited out a passing thunderstorm, browsing through shirts and books and posters and pennants and everything else baseball related.  These places make you consider decorating your whole house in “baseball chic” but I resisted the temptation.

We walked along the main street with its red brick buildings.  Over our two days I’m pretty sure we went into every shop on the street, some more than one time!

Main Street Cooperstown NY

The kids spent a lot of time looking at baseball cards.  Every shop had cards and they loved finding their favorite players and wondering if the gum would still be good in the packs from the 80s and 90s and  deciding what cards were worth their money.

Baseball Store in Cooperstown NY

We walked by Doubleday Field…there were no games the first day but we caught most of a game on the second day.  We were only chased out by another thunderstorm.
Doubleday Field

We saved the Hall of Fame for the second day so we’d have as much time as we wanted.  We probably spent five hours there with a break in the middle for lunch – ball park franks of course!

Baseball Hall of Fame

You could spend days in the museum and still not read everything or take it all in.  5 hours is a long time for 8 and 10 year olds but there was always something interesting around every corner.

Babe, Ted & Casey

The kids had bats made with their names engraved on them and we caught the game at Doubleday while waiting for them to be finished.


One of the more interesting parts of this trip was the hotel/inn where we stayed.  I pictured it a little like the lodge from Dirty Dancing.  It didn’t quite live up those expectations.

Baseball Hotel

Breakfast Room at Baseball Hotel

It was rustic and quaint and we all appreciated the ample reading material found everywhere but not necessarily the squeaky bed and loud AC unit in the window.  The kids settled down with an encyclopedia and teacher’s edition of a life science textbook for bedtime reading.

Bedtime Reading

But there was a lot of room to have a catch in the backyard and picnic tables to eat our grocery store sandwiches when we just couldn’t handle another restaurant.

Playing Catch Behind the Baseball Hotel

And fire pits…where great effort and gasoline couldn’t overcome wet wood but the kids enjoyed their marshmallows even if they weren’t roasted.

Huge Marshmallows

Overall it was a great trip and we hope to go back in a few years with a team to play some games.  I remembered how much I love upstate New York and the gorgeous country scenery.  You forget about hills when you live in the flat land of Florida!

Now that we’re back, the kids have added their new baseball cards to their collections, are working on their renditions of Who’s on First?, and we’ve started watching a few of the baseball movies that got added to the list.



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