Christmas Quilt and Christmas Pillow

One of my goals for Christmas 2016 was to finally finish my Christmas quilt.  I started it in November 2014 but I think I set it aside for all the other Christmas events going on that year.  In 2015 I was planning to finish it and made it to the quilting step.  I think this was the beginning of my quilting frustration.  As I was quilting, it was bunching on top.  I didn’t want to “ruin” the quilt so I set it aside until I could get it right.

christmas quilt wip fabric arrangement

So 2016 became the year of the finished Christmas quilt.  And sadly I still don’t have my quilting problem fixed but I did the best I could.  I finished the quilting in mid-December so I could enjoy the process of sewing the binding on while watching Christmas movies and shows with the kids.  And I really did enjoy it!

christmas quilt kate spain fabric

back of christmas quilt

back of christmas quilt close up

But the best gift I gave myself this Christmas was actually my Christmas pillow.  It happened because I gave myself the gift of time…I finished all my other holiday “stuff” a few days before Christmas so that I could enjoy those days however I chose.  When a Christmas pillow popped up on Instagram that I loved, I decided I could make it for myself.  I found my way to the raspberry kiss block tutorial by Wooden Spoon Quilts and started cutting.

christmas pillow lantern red background

Three days later, I had a Christmas pillow.  It took quite a bit of time over those three days that I normally wouldn’t put into something for myself.  But I’m glad that I did.  It’s January 14th and my pillow and quilt are the only Christmas decorations still out.  It was kind of hard to enjoy any quilt in the 80 degree days we had in December.  It also took me until yesterday to take some good photographs and today to throw the quilt in for its first wash and dry!

Quilt Details:  With the exception of the binding, all the fabric is by Kate Spain.  The quilt top was made from a layer cake of the Flurry line, which apparently I was hoarding since that came out in 2011.  My favorite fabric is the red and green Christmas lightbulbs from her Joy line that I used in the backing.  The red and white fabric that I pieced to the backing to make it big enough is from the Flurry line.  The binding is Crosshatch Sketch in Ruby.  The pattern is the Treasure Boxes tutorial from Traceyjay Quilts.

Pillow Details:  I used a mix of red, green and neutral fabrics in the pillow – a lot were leftover Kate Spain fabrics and Tinsel from Cotton & Steel.  You pretty much see the extent of my low volume collection here too.  The pillow size is 16×16 and I made a simple envelope closure for the back.  It’s not quite big enough but I had the perfect fat quarter for the job and I made it work!  I also didn’t quilt it.  I’m considering taking it apart at some point and quilting it but I happy the way it is for now!

I’ll consider this a very successful Christmas sewing season.  It was stress free and fun and I was able to be creative for me!

christmas quilt kate spain fabric flurry


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