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Girl’s Bedroom Update – Before and Plans

Before Casey was born, we happened to live near a baby furniture outlet and we were excited to buy some nice furniture for her bedroom.  Funny thing is that she didn’t actually have a bedroom in our house at the time.  We lived in Navy base housing for the first 4 months of her life and there happened to be a section of the master closet with no shelving where a pac’n’play and rocking chair would fit perfectly.  So she lived in a closet for a few months.

But back to the furniture…it was one of the first things set up when we moved to our Virginia house and Casey got a bedroom.  Almost all of the furniture I/we have purchased in the last 15 years has been dark.  Casey’s bedroom furniture was espresso colored and we loved it at the time.  There was a lot of storage with a tallboy, a dresser and a hutch.  But over the last couple of years it has started to feel heavy and too dark.  It also got damaged in a move and drawers were no longer sliding nicely.

Girl's Bedroom Crib & Rocker

Girl's Bedroom Espresso Dressers

I had visions of white for Casey.  She is fun and energetic and outgoing and the dark furniture didn’t work with her personality at all.  I started putting together a vision of an updated bedroom that would work here in Tampa but also work in our next home where she will have a smaller bedroom.  Casey liked the idea of white furniture and wanted to add teal/turquoise into the design.

I don’t have any great pictures of her bedroom in Tampa before we started this makeover.  I do have a couple of not so great ones that I think Casey took.  I was always to going to clean up and take good pictures but before I knew it, the furniture was out the door!  So here is a little bit of before:

Girl's Room Dark Dresser with Hutch

Girl's Room Tall Dark Dresser

I think I thought there was a lot of baby “stuff” but now I realize that there’s really a lot of 8 year old “stuff”!

First up was a bed.  I regretted the cheap mattress/boxspring we bought for her when she moved out of the crib.  It was always squeaky and not comfortable and I felt like it wasn’t cozy enough for her.  At one point, I ripped open the boxspring and pulled out the huge piece of cardboard that was the culprit in the squeakiness.  That was a good first step toward a better bed, but I felt like a crazy lady ripping apart a boxspring!

I thought a daybed with a trundle would be a great option.  She would get the coziness and room to have a friend over.  Then I found this Ikea daybed…

Ikea Hemnes Daybed

                                               Ikea Hemnes Daybed

It has storage drawers and it essentially turns into a king sized bed when pulled out!  It was my ideal bed but we kept our eyes out on Craigslist for other beds that might work.

I wanted to find a large dresser on Craigslist or a thrift store that I could paint white if needed.  We would be going from two dressers with 8 big drawers and two shelves to just one dresser, so I wanted it to be pretty substantial.  I also looked around at newer dressers, but we were trying not to spend too much money.  I would rather refinish a solid piece of furniture than buy something new that’s not as good quality.

So, I came up with this mood board for Casey’s updated bedroom.  She wanted it to be a little beachy too and loves the wave on canvas from Ikea.

Mood Board for Girl's Bedroom | Capturing the Threads

Next, I will share how our hunt for a white dresser went!


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