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Family Room – New Couch

We knew that we wanted a new couch for our new house.  We had leather furniture that we bought second hand almost 10 years ago.  It was still in good shape, but it was never my favorite furniture.  It didn’t feel cozy to me although it was easy to clean off dog prints and dirty messy child prints.

We began the couch search last fall (2016).  We looked around at a few stores and found one that we liked at Haverty’s.  My job was to go back and order it in the spring so it would be ready for delivery as soon as we moved.

But I can’t just let a couch search be that simple.  What if there was a unicorn couch out there and I hadn’t searched enough to find the best couch ever for the best price ever?  Also, there was Pinterest.  If you check out my Family Room Ideas board, you’ll see that I found many couches that I loved from places like Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel.  And you’ll see a few sneak peaks of the rest of the decor that I ended up getting.

When it was time to order the couch, I knew that Crate & Barrel was too far out of the budget.  But I thought maybe with a good sale I could get a Pottery Barn couch.  I went to the store and looked at the one I liked.  I looked at swatch after swatch after swatch.  And of course the swatch I ultimately liked was the most expensive fabric.

Then I did more online searching to see if someone else had purchased the couch I loved with the fabric I loved and put it on Pinterest for me.  Nope.

I also went back to Haverty’s and looked at that couch and looked at fabric swatches there.  I’m getting tired now thinking of all the time I put into couch shopping.

In the end, we went with the Haverty’s Norfolk sectional with custom fabric and a somewhat custom shape.  The one pictured online was a little long for our space and I wanted both sides to be the same length.  I read some reviews and blog posts about the Pottery Barn couch and decided it wasn’t worth the cost.  The Haverty’s couch had a similar look and at little lower price.

The Norfolk sectional used to be called the Piedmont sectional, which is the street we lived on in Virginia when Pat was stationed in Norfolk, so it must have been destined for us.  I don’t have a name for the fabric, but it is a black and white mix of fibers that looks grey from a distance.  I love the white couches I see all over the vintage farmhouse world, but I knew I didn’t want the maintenance of pulling off the slipcovers and washing them as often as I would need to.  It is so hard to picture what a fabric swatch is going to look like when it is covering the whole couch.  It was a fingers crossed few months until it was delivered (on our first day in the house) and unwrapped.

Havertys Norfolk Sectional in custom fabric


I love how it turned out!  It is cozy and comfortable and the color is just right – not too dark or light but with a little texture to make it interesting.  We are still fighting about who gets the corner seat though!  More living room updates next week!

Haverty Norfolk Sectional in custom fabric

Haverty Norfolk Sectional in custom fabric

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