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New Home!

After a year of planning and dreaming about our new house, we moved this summer!  We spent the last 5 years as renters and we are so excited to be homeowners again.  We spent most of June unpacking and settling into the house and finalizing some of our plans.  The kids and I did a lot of traveling in July and now that we’re almost finished with August, I feel like I have finally had a chance to live here and enjoy the house…while still planning more updates.

Let’s start with the exterior.  Our neighborhood has a lot of beachy looking houses with pretty pastel colors.  Ours is a little more Americana with the blue and light grey colors.  I love the two level front porch and I was very excited to get some bunting for the 4th of July!

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Front of Lakeside House with Bunting


We have a screened in area in the back and our garage is all the way in the back.  Our long driveway has a gate in the middle – we like that we can close the gate and let the dog play in the backyard.  This has added a few steps to the process of leaving the house.  The garage is connected to the house but there is no door directly from the garage to the house.  There is a short walkway from the side/back door to the garage that is covered and screened.  So we have to lock the house door (and make sure the other two are locked), open the gates and go back through the screened area to get into the garage and open the garage door.  Luckily I often have two helpers who are in charge of the gates.

We have a small back yard and almost no front yard, but across the street is a waterfront park area.  There are walking trails, a big pond, a fishing dock and a small playground a few steps away.  We love that we have a large area of open space nearby…for football, baseball, softball, tag, etc… and we don’t have to mow it!  The view from the front porch is great…we can watch the storms roll in, like this one that came through within an hour of our arrival at our new home!

This was the view on my morning walk with Eve (our dog) last week.

Pond on Morning Walk

We have already added adirondack chairs to the front porch and are looking forward to working on the backyard and screened porch area a bit too.

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