About Me

Thanks for coming and checking out Capturing the Threads.  I’m Teresa and you can reach me at capturingthethreads (at) gmail . com.

I am a mom of two – Jack is 8 and Casey is 7.  They were the original inspiration behind this blog.  My first blog was called Capturing the Days – trying to capture all the funny things my kids say and do, and the rest of life too.  All of those posts are imported into this blog, so if you’re looking for some funny family stories from when they were little, you can still check them out.  I am also a Navy veteran and a Navy spouse of 14 years.  We move around fairly often (12 times in 15 years) so there are always new adventures for us.

Now that the kids are older, I’m looking to write more about what I’m creating, with my sewing machine and in my house.  I started making quilts in 2009, inspired by simple tutorials and pre-cut fabric.  (My first attempt at quilt making in 2003 was a cutting disaster.)  Now I still enjoy simple patterns and beautiful modern fabric.    I just opened an Etsy shop (2015) and I’m looking forward to selling some of my quilts and other hand made items.

I also enjoy organizing and updating our home.  Since we move so often, there are always new systems to work out and re-vamp.  And as the kids get older there are adjustments to make as well.  I’m inspired by other organizing blogs to make my home beautiful and functional…without spending too much.

I also love reading, history, cooking & real food, and playing tennis!

Again, thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy or are inspired by something you see.