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Handmade Teacher Gifts – Christmas 2015

I am happy that I managed to make something for all of the kids’ teachers, even if it was somewhat last minute.  I had big plans for their primary teachers…lap quilts made with quilt squares that the students designed with fabric markers.  I even had all the coordinating fabric cut out ahead of time.  However, the student created fabric didn’t work out quite the way I had expected!  I ended up scrapping that idea and moving on to something a little simpler.  I also had to plan for a total of 6 teachers – 2 primary teachers, 2 math teachers and 2 science teachers.

For the primary teachers, I had a charm pack of Cotton & Steel’s Tinsel fabric and decided to make a couple of simple patchwork table runners.  They were simple and easy to put together.  I also have enough fabric to create two more…something to add to the Etsy shop for Christmas 2016!  I happened to have just the right colored turquoise fabric with red dots for binding…always great to use up a fabric that I wasn’t sure what to do with.


For the backing, I also used some fabric from my stash – some large red polka dots used as backing on my Red Sox quilt and some leftover Kate Spain Christmas fabric that I used on a Christmas table runner five years ago.


The fun part was rolling them up and realizing that they fit perfectly into wine gift bags!

Maybe it's a tease to put these table runners into wine bags but it was a perfect fit.

Maybe it’s a tease to put these table runners into wine bags but it was a perfect fit.

For the other four teachers, I made drawstring bags using Jeni Baker’s tutorial from her blog In Color Order.  I have used this tutorial every year for 4 years I think!  I added a little Target gift card to go along with the bag.  Once again, fun to use up from fabrics from my stash!




Pink & Gray Patchwork Quilt

For Christmas, Casey received a new sewing machine from Santa.  (Santa didn’t place an order early enough with American Girl for some other items.)  She immediately wanted to start sewing something on it so I pulled out some pink scraps and we started working on an improv scrap quilt.  She sewed a few pieces together and then I did a little work on it while she was in school.  It’s still a work in progress.  But, it sparked some inspiration for me.


As we were working I realized that I seem to have more pink scraps than any other color.  I decided it was time to make a patchwork quilt with all those pretty pink pieces and some gray.  I chopped up all the pink that I could turn into 5×5 squares, added a few more pinks from the regular stash and started piecing.  It turned out to be a nice sized baby quilt at 40.5″ by 54″.  I quilted it with straight lines on both sides of the seams, vertically and horizontally.



I love seeing all the pieces in this quilt from other projects I have made, especially the scraps of Out to Sea with the anchors, mermaids and little ship wheels.


I was stumped on what to use on the back until the I realized I had these 3 beautiful fabrics of about a half yard each from a coordinating line.  Sew them together and the back becomes a quilt on its own!  I love that I could finally use these fabrics because I’ve been a little stumped on what to make with them for a few years.  The binding is a simple gray solid.


This quilt is the second addition to my Etsy shop!  Pink & Gray Quilt


Coral & Aqua Quilt Take Two

I created this quilt using extra fabric I had on hand from making a baby quilt for my niece last year.  My sister asked for coral and aqua colors with some grey.  In this quilt I added a few more neutral grays and beiges.  I love the simplicity of the rectangles and how the coral and aqua combine with the neutrals for a modern look.


For the backing, I used a Riley Blake fabric with cute little animals on it called Woodland Tails.  And, I finally added a label to a quilt!  I wrote my own label with a  permanent pen and whipstitched it onto the back.  IMG_2358IMG_2359I quilted the fabric with vertical straight lines about an inch apart.  It’s probably some of the most dense quilting I have done and I love how crinkly and cozy it immediately looked when it came out of the dryer.

I headed to the nearest park on my bike one afternoon to take photos.  This is the first quilt I’ve taken pictures of in Florida.  I took a few pictures of the quilt by climbing on top of some playground equipment and leaning over as far as I could to try to get a square picture.  It looked good on the preview but when I tried to rotate it in my editor, it was clear that I didn’t quite get it square.  I’m sure the park attendant enjoyed my antics though.

This is my first listing in my Etsy shop!  I’ve been planning to do this for about a year…and I dragged out the making of this quilt for about that long.  But I finally bit the bullet and opened a shop.  Of course Etsy recommended that I have put 10 items in my shop, but this was all I had.  (I’ve since added a couple more and I’m working to finish even more.)


Red Sox Quilt

I made this quilt for one of my best friends from high school for her third baby…her first boy!  My inspiration was from a Red Sox quilt made by Tracey at traceyjay quilts.

IMG_1671When I saw Tracey’s quilt, I knew I wanted to make one for baby Paul.  I grew up in Maine, listening to the Red Sox on the radio on summer nights. And my friend’s husband is from Boston, so they are both Red Sox fans.  For their little boy, I knew I had to figure how to make this quilt.

IMG_1659I ordered a bunch of red and blue polka dot fabrics, figured out how to cut triangles and got to work.  The cutting of the triangles was not so tough…it was getting them lined up correctly.  This is also the first quilt that I have done appliqué.  It was kind of fun once I figured it out!

IMG_1664 IMG_1667

For the backing fabric, I searched a local discount store (Mardens) back home in Maine for something with red and found this big polka dot print.  I was excited to add something to the quilt that I found in our hometown.


I made this quilt when I was living outside of Memphis, Tennessee and this is one of my favorite photo shoots.  I went to a nature trail near a golf course and took these shots on a wooden bench and on a strange fishing platform made of green mesh-like metal.  IMG_1672I think baby Paul was few months old by the time I got this to him but I doubt that he noticed how late it was 🙂